Pairing with an Android Phone
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Download the app

Now that your Stryd is fully charged, lets get it paired with your Android phone.

You will first need to download the Stryd mobile app from the Google Play store.


1. Open the Google Play store app on your phone

2. Search for 'Stryd' in the search bar (the icon is a black background with orange "S")


Create your account

Once you have the app on your phone and you open it for the first time you will be asked to go through an account creation process ending with pairing the Stryd to the phone.

You will need to be sure to permit the Stryd mobile app to access Location in order to pair the Stryd. You must also have location services enabled on the phone.

If you have already downloaded the app without having the Stryd and already have an account created follow these steps to pair the Stryd to your phone:

1. Choose Settings

2. Under 'Device', select Pair Stryd

3. Place Stryd on the screen

4. Hit Pair

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