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Where Can I View My Stryd Membership Options?
Where Can I View My Stryd Membership Options?
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The Stryd Membership can be purchased on the web at, in Stryd PowerCenter for desktop, or in the Stryd iOS and Android mobile apps. The options available to you will depend on if you already own a Stryd power meter and which Stryd system you choose to view your options from.

Stryd Membership can only be purchased from if you do not currently maintain a Stryd Membership or own a Stryd Power Meter. In most regions, you can purchase a Stryd Membership in combination with a Stryd device if you do not yet own a Stryd power meter.

Stryd PowerCenter (

Stryd PowerCenter is the home base for Stryd Membership purchases for users that already own a Stryd Power Meter. Whether you would like to renew an existing membership or upgrade for the first time, all of your options will be available from your PowerCenter account. Any users wishing to utilize special discounts for Stryd Membership can only do so from Stryd PowerCenter.


iOS + Android apps

Currently, only the monthly renewal option is available for purchase or renewal through the Stryd Mobile App for Android. This can be done by selecting any features which show as locked (as seen below) without membership, by navigating to Settings-> User Profile and selecting "Purchase Membership", or when first creating and setting up a new Stryd account.


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