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Stryd Coaching Program Benefits & Restrictions
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What are the benefits?

  • Stryd Coaching Course Access: Refresh your certification and expand your knowledge with a variety of educational videos on Stryd and power-based training.

  • 50% Discount on Your First Stryd Purchase: Choose between one Next Gen Stryd or two for a Stryd Duo setup.

  • Two Complimentary Annual Memberships for Your Athletes: Enhance their training with free one-year Stryd memberships (reassignable every 14 days).

  • Additional Athlete Memberships at Half Price: Expand the benefits to more athletes at a reduced cost.

  • Exclusive Insight with Stryd Coach's View: Dive deep into your athletes' data for more tailored coaching.

  • 15% Stryd Discount for Your Athletes: Help them gear up for less.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with fellow Stryd coaches to exchange insights and tips.

  • Ongoing Educational Content: Stay updated with the latest in coaching techniques and Stryd innovations.

  • Featured Profile on Stryd's Coach

Benefit Restrictions

In order to offer these incredible benefits, we have had to implement a small number of restrictions to prevent abuse and make program viable.

  • Discounts Only Apply to New Purchases: Please note that discounts cannot be retroactively applied on previous Stryd pod purchases or Stryd Membership purchases. These benefits will only apply to new purchases moving forward.

  • 50% Discount on Your First Stryd Purchase: This discount will only be available once per coach and is not available if the coach already owns the latest generation of Stryd hardware.

  • Discount Code Limit: The 15% Stryd discount code will only apply to the Next Gen Stryd purchase option at If one of your athletes would like to purchase Stryd Duo, they can select quantity 2x of the Next Gen Stryd and use the discount code. It will not apply to the Stryd + Membership or Stryd Duo + Membership purchase option.

  • Your Discount Code Must Remain Private: The 15% Stryd discount code can only be shared privately with your athletes. If your discount code is shared publicly, it will be permanently deactivated. Reinstatement of your discount code will be at the sole discretion of the Stryd team.

  • Stryd Membership Discounts: Half priced Stryd Membership subscriptions for your athletes can only be purchased by you, on behalf of your athletes. Only annual subscription terms are offered for this benefit. This benefit is not extended directly to your athletes.

  • Access to Benefits is at Discretion of Stryd: Access to any of the benefits listed above is at the sole discretion of Stryd and can change at any time. In the case of misuse of the benefits, they will be revoked.

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