Training Distribution

What is Training Distribution?

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This new section is an improvement on the ‘Triangle’ from the old PowerCenter. Whereas the old triangle highlighted your ‘percentile’ ranking, this new feature emphasizes the standard distribution of training by runners with a similar goal. Click into a metric to see what types of workouts to add to your training to see improvement.


A general indication of how your running fitness is based on your overall training, derived from your Auto-Calculated CP Modeled Power, or a manual CP calculation. Work on improving all aspects of your PDC to see improvements in your fitness.

Muscle Power

Your body’s ability to generate a burst of power, and derived from the first 10 seconds of the Power Duration Curve. You can test and improve your muscle power with strides and hill repeats.

Fatigue Resistance

This metric is unique to your race goal and represents the amount of maximum amount of time that a given group of muscles can perform at or near the power needed for your target race. Improve your fatigue resistance by running your race effort power for longer durations throughout your training.

Your fatigue resistance can go down as your CP goes up because of their relationship.


The maximum amount of time that you can sustain running. Typically this should be close to the duration you intend to race, but may be longer if you’re goal is a shorter race.

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