Upgrade Firmware for the Stryd pod

How can I update my Stryd firmware? Stryd requires an update.

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The Stryd team will occasionally push an update to your Stryd pod’s firmware to improve functionality and overall performance. The update will not install automatically and the Stryd pod owner will be responsible for installing the firmware update to the hardware.

Typically, if there is a firmware update available, you will receive a notification when you open the Stryd mobile app. This notification will be pushed if there is an update and if your Stryd pod is paired to the mobile app.

If you would like to check for a firmware update, please follow these instructions:

Stryd Pod Firmware Update

These instructions are for the single Stryd pod use case (Stryd Wind and Stryd Next Gen). See the Stryd Duo instructions below.

  1. Open the Stryd mobile app

  2. Select Settings in the Stryd app

  3. Select the “Stryd” button under the Paired Devices section

  4. You will need to make sure your Stryd is nearby and let the app connect to the Stryd After the Stryd has connected, you will see the option for a “Firmware Update”

  5. Select “Firmware Update” and then select Continue

  6. Keep the app open and do not open any other apps while the firmware is updating

Please note that the firmware can not update if the Stryd app is not open or if you try using the Stryd app in the background. You will need to keep the Stryd app open for the firmware to install successfully.

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