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How do I establish a new Critical Power? How can I calculate Critical Power manually using a test or race result?

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Stryd’s Automatic Critical Power can be a valuable tool, however, there are some circumstances that might encourage a rest of the Critical Power.

Resetting your Critical Power can be useful if you took time away from running, are returning to running after injury, or suspect that your Critical Power is not currently accurate.

Below are the three methods you can take to reset your Critical Power:

Method 1: Establish a new Critical Power using the Return to Running flow

(Highly Accurate, Easy)

This method is the best for people who have a gap in their Stryd data on their account. Typically, gaps in data occur after taking time away from training.

Once the Stryd system recognizes that you have taken time off, it will prompt you to Get Back to Running.

The Get Back to Running flow will allow you to complete either three easy runs or a week of testing to establish a new Critical Power. This Get Back to Running flow contains the same tests and easy runs as the Getting Started flow.

Method 2: Establish a new Critical Power using manual Critical Power

(Less Accurate, Easy)

Users can manually enter a Critical Power value instead of relying on the Stryd system to make these calculations. User error can sometimes make this method less accurate than method 1 or method 3.

NOTE: Manually entering your Critical Power should be done cautiously. Threshold values from other running or biking power meters will not accurately reflect your ability when running with Stryd. (Power values from wrist-based power provided by your watch will not be accurate.)

In order to enter a Manually Calculated Critical Power you will need to have completed a 5k best effort, 10k best effort, 6-3 laps test, 9-3 minutes test, or know what your Manual entry should be. Please note that if you use a race or test to estimate your Critical Power, the race or test should be completed within the last 30 days to be considered an accurate data point.


  1. Open Setting in the Stryd app

  2. Select Critical Power

  3. Turn off Auto Calculate

  4. Select “Recalculate”

  5. Choose from the list of options and be sure to set the correct Elevation, Temperature, and Humidity values

Method 3: Reset your Critical Power and establish a new Critical Power on your own

(Accurate, More difficult)

Users can reset their Critical Power value back to zero and start fresh with Stryd's Critical Power calculation help.

You will be given the option to perform some testing sets or let your Critical Power generate organically with regular training.


  1. Open Setting in the Stryd app

  2. Select Critical Power

  3. Select “Rest my Critical Power”

  4. Agree to have your Critical Power rest
    Please note that once you agree, your Critical Power values will be set to zero

  5. Then you will need to choose between letting Stryd help you and going it alone

If you choose “Help me get a new Critical Power” you will be taken through the same tests and easy runs as the Getting Started flow.

If you choose the “Get my own Critical Power” you will need to determine your own testing workouts to achieve an accurate Critical Power. There are many great Critical Power tests available in the Stryd Workout Folder labeled Critical Power Tests.

Want to learn more about Critical Power? Visit this article about Stryd Critical Power.

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