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Race Planning according to Steve Palladino
Race Planning according to Steve Palladino

How should I choose my races for the season?

Updated over a week ago

Among the objectives for every race plan is the objective to optimize the Stryd race planner for your target race.

This is done through a) testing and b) training prescriptions that provide the planner with sufficient samples of your speed-to-power ratio in workouts near the intensity of your target race.

As you complete your race-specific plan, the planner should be optimized for your target race, and the estimates should be reasonably accurate (power estimates are a bit more accurate than time estimates). Please use the Stryd race planner per Stryd guidelines.

Note: Coach Palladino will not be offering race planning for individuals - please use the Stryd race planner.

If you wish to explore other race-planning alternatives, here are some race-power planning resources.

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