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How to track Improvements while doing a Training Plan
How to track Improvements while doing a Training Plan

How do I know if the Training Plan is making me a better runner?

Updated over a week ago

Your auto-CP estimate will be a fundamental metric to track for improvement over the course of the plan.

  • That said, fatigue (or environmental conditions changes, or illness, or niggle) within the plan may impact testing performance. If auto-CP does not change over the course of 4 weeks or even 8 weeks, it does not mean that your fitness has not improved. It could simply mean that your test performances are confounded by these or other factors. (once again - do not change your Stryd weight setting throughout the course of the plan)

  • The progression in your long run duration, or in the duration/volume of intervals/tempo at a given intensity, are measures of your improving fatigue resistance.

  • Stryd PowerCenter provides various metrics that can further supplement your fitness tracking.

  • Stryd PowerCenter’s ‘Training Distribution’ chart can provide insights.

  • Track your training load metrics (such as PowerCenter’s “42-day avg” and RSB).

  • While auto-CP progression is fundamental in race performance between distances of 5K to the marathon, it is not the only measure of fitness progress.

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