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Supplementary Activities and Notes in the Palladino Training Plans
Supplementary Activities and Notes in the Palladino Training Plans

Non-running activities. Mobility and strength.

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Stryd has added Supplementary non-running Activities and Notes to the Palladio Training Plans. This Supplementary non-running material will help users build running-specific strength, mobility, and recovery.

While the Supplementary Activities are optional, the Stryd team suggests that you give them a try! They may help you become a better athlete!

Supplementary Activities and Notes

You will notice that often there will be Pre-Run and Post-Run content. You will also notice that at the beginning of a new training block within a plan, there will be Notes about the new training block.

Pre-Run and Post-Run Activities: These activities should be done before/after the run, respectively. These are designed to increase injury resistance and improve aspects of running performance and recovery.

These are the different activities that you may be asked to perform:

Drills - All of these drills will “wake up” you running specific muscles.

Strength - These exercises will help you become stronger and increase lean muscle tone.

Stretch - Core strength to stabilize your running form and mobility work to improve recovery.

Plyometrics - Exercises that involve short bursts of energy to improve running mechanics.

Other - Specialty activity.

Cross Training - Alternative activity to running.

Supplementary non-running activities are helpful

The supplemental training prescriptions are included for the purposes of:

  1. Priming prior to runs

  2. Increasing injury resistance

  3. Improving aspects of running performance

  4. Encourage recovery

If you have a supplemental plan that you do and works well for you, again, consider the supplemental training prescriptions optional - you may omit them entirely, or incorporate specific elements into your supplemental training program.

Please note that the supplement training prescriptions are sequenced purposefully. It is also important to note that easy run days are purposefully light and the higher load run days are purposefully heavier in the supplemental work. Try to avoid moving plyometrics and supplement strength work to easy run days - you do not want to impair recovery.

You are not obliged to do all of the supplemental elements - particularly if you have limited time or find some of the elements difficult or disagreeable to your health.

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