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Using Stryd with Apple Watch
Power Targets for Stryd Apple Watch App
Power Targets for Stryd Apple Watch App

Open Run Target Mode. Power target or power range.

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With the Apple Watch Open Run mode, you can now set a power target or a power range for the entire run. With this new release, you will be able to effortlessly run with the precision guidance you need to hit your perfect power target for any run with the help of alerts and a new visual gauge to keep you in your target zone.

This feature is only available in the Apple Watch Stryd app and only for Open Run Mode. These new features will not be available during a Structured Power-Based Workout.

Finding this new feature

  1. Open the Stryd app on your Apple Watch

  2. Scroll down and select Open Run

  3. Under "Start Run" you can select "Add Power Range"

  4. You can change the Target Type by selecting "Target Type"

  5. You can choose between Range and Target

Target Type "Target" vs "Range"

There are two different Power Ranges to choose from.

Target Type Target will be focused around a single power Target with a tolerance that you can set. This tolerance will be plus or minus (+/-) the Watts that you input. This means that if you set your Target to 200 W and a tolerance of 15 W, your watch will alert you if your power exceeds 215 W or decreases past 185 W.

The Target Type Range will allow you to set a range for your run. You can customize the lower and upper Watts for this range. This means you can set a lower and upper limit and your watch will alert you if your Watts strays out of these bounds.

What should I use this feature for?

These power targets can be used for many different use cases. You can not use these features with a Power-Based Structured Workout. They can only be used for the Open Run Mode.

Some runners may use this feature for easy runs. If you find yourself running too fast on an easy day, this feature can help you run at a steady recovery effort.

Some runners may use this feature for tempo runs. If you have a hard run scheduled and want to make sure you don't slow down, the feature will help you run at the same tempo effort.

This feature is perfect for any Open Run where you need to manage your effort.

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