Upgrade Firmware with iPhone
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iOS Firmware Upgrade Steps

Step 1: Open the Stryd mobile app on your iOS device

Step 2: Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner


Step 3: Tap your Stryd


If you phone cannot find Stryd, ensure that:

1. Your Stryd has battery life. You should place Stryd on the charger to ensure Stryd has a charge.
2. Another Bluetooth device such as a watch or another phone is not connected to Stryd.

Please check these two items and then try to connect to Stryd again.

Step 4: Tap Firmware Update


Step 5: Tap Update

Note: If you record your activities using a Suunto watch, Polar watch, or run without a phone or watch, you should ensure that you have done an offline sync between your Stryd and your phone to ensure you have all of your data off of your pod before accepting the update. If you have already done an offline sync, you can update. If you have not done an offline sync, you may want to tap update later and do an offline sync before starting the firmware update.

Note: If you use a Garmin watch, Apple Watch, or record with your phone, you can update! You already have all of your data and you do not need to offline sync.


Step 6: Wait for the update to complete.


If the update process gets stuck here, please scroll down to the troubleshooting section below.

Step 7: Update complete!


Step 8: You can run with the new firmware now. Enjoy!


Q: What happens if the update process gets stuck and does not complete?

A: You should restart your phone by powering it off and powering it on. Then, you should try again.

If you have tried the following steps and you can still not update your firmware, please email us at [email protected] and we will help.

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