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Step 1: Unboxing and Charging
Unboxing and Charging Stryd with a Wired Charger
Unboxing and Charging Stryd with a Wired Charger

What comes with Stryd when I buy it? What is shipped to me when I order a Stryd?

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Unboxing and Charging with Stryd with a Wired Charger

Congratulations on taking your first steps with running with power. Now that you have your Stryd let's double check to make sure you have everything you need.

Inside the box:


Stryd Wired Charging Cradle (only use for charging; do not use for running)

USB-C Cord

Two Shoe Clips

Picture of a Next Gen Stryd pod, two clips for the Stryd pod, and a USB-C charger with a charging cradle.

To activate and charge Stryd

1) Securely attach the USB-C cord to the charging cradle and plug it into a USB port.

2) Place the Stryd in the cord end of the charging cradle, then press it forward to the thinner opposite end.

3) You can confirm that the Stryd is charging because you will see an orange light appear around the center "tear drop" of the Stryd.

4) If you have a Stryd with Wind your Stryd will softly glow on and off as it charges, if you do not have a wind enabled Stryd your Stryd will just have one solid light.

A GIF of the Stryd pod attached to the charging cradle, showing it soft glow on and off to demonstrate it's charging

Once fully charged, the orange light will automatically turn off in the previous generation Stryd.

The new Stryd with Wind will stop pulsing on and off and just solidly glow when it is fully charged.

This will take approximately 3 hours, if you are eager to go for a run you can charge for a shorter time. 30 minutes will be sufficient for an easy run!

Now you are ready to pair with your mobile phone.

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