Stryd® Power and Kinomap Software
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The Stryd Pod can be used as a footpod sensor with many indoor running softwares, including Kinomap. As a Kinomap and Stryd user, you may notice a different power number in Kinomap than on other devices you are using, such as a Garmin sports watch.

The reason for this difference is that Kinomap is not fully integrated with Stryd Power. Kinomap will use the pace and distance measures that are fed to it from Stryd, but Kinomap performs it's own running power calculation using this data. The algorithm for running power in Kinomap appears to be more simplistic and thus is less reliable. For the best running experience with Stryd, you should use only the Stryd Power data for analysis. You can record this by connecting another device to Stryd by an ANT+ wireless pairing at the same time a Kinomap, or you can use the offline sync feature from Stryd to see the data directly from your Stryd running power meter.

If you have additional questions about this, you can learn more at the Kinomap website, or contact us at [email protected].

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