Can I use Stryd on the AlterG treadmill?
Updated over a week ago

The Stryd can be used on the AlterG treadmill but there are some limitations of Stryd with this treadmill.

Stryd will be able to give you accurate pace and distance for this treadmill but if you have Stryd with wind detection there will be issues with the calculated air power.

The AlterG treadmill uses air pressure to change the relative weight of the runner. This air pressure causes the Stryd wind sensor to inaccurately calculate air power.


Here you can see that Stryd thought Air Power accounted for 38% of the total power. This is not correct and has overestimated the average power for this activity.

If you choose to use your Stryd for the AlterG treadmill please reach out to support so we can remove the Air Power for these activities.

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