Treadmill workouts from TrainingPeaks or Final Surge and Stryd

Is there a difference between TrainingPeaks and Final Surge Treadmill workouts and Stryd Treadmill Workouts?

Updated over a week ago

There is a difference between Treadmill Workouts available on Stryd and the Treadmill Workouts available on TrainingPeaks and Final Surge.

Stryd offers structured workouts and automatic power scaling for treadmill workouts that include incline. This incline-adjusted power feature is only available in the Stryd app.

Stryd users who pay for the membership have the option to build their own custom treadmill workouts. If you have a Stryd Membership, then you can build a copy of the workouts from a third-party training platform with the Stryd Workout Builder, and then you can execute that workout on the app.

Final Surge and TrainingPeaks do not support the Stryd incline-adjusted power. The Stryd Mobile Treadmill Experience requires a value for % incline for each workout segment on a treadmill, but TrainingPeaks and Final Surge workouts don't contain this required value.

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