Stryd Interval Workouts with Suunto 9
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Suunto 9 has a basic interval function that could be used when running with a Stryd pod. The interval function is basic but may be helpful when doing a structured Stryd workout. This article is to make sure that your Suunto data can properly merge with the Stryd workout in your calendar.

The Suunto interval feature allows you to select the interval duration or distance, a rest duration or distance, and the number of repetitions. Suunto does now allow you to set a power target for the interval, but you can set up intensity zones on your Suunto and train by power zone.

You can use the Suunto interval functionality for any Stryd workout that has an equivalent structure like interval training (i.e. same duration for intense segments, same duration for rest segments).

Details on how to set up the Suunto watch for interval training:

In addition to enabling the interval feature, you must disable auto-laps on your watch.

When you start your workout, you can do a warmup at a duration/distance of your choice. Once warmed up, you start the interval training.

Special action: Suunto does not mark the start of the first interval as a lap. This means that the Suunto data will not align well when merging with the planned workout as the Stryd system relies on lap information. Do the following to get the correct alignment between workout and run data:

  1. Do your warm-up

  2. Start the intervals on your Suunto

  3. Immediately hit the Suunto lap button (only for the first segment of the interval training)

  4. Execute the interval training, you can either memorize the power target or use the Suunto intensity zones.

  5. Cooldown as normal, end your run and your data will align correctly when uploaded into the Stryd ecosystem.

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