Suunto Ambit Watches
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This article discussed Suunto Ambit 3 only. If you have an Ambit 2, please create a support request below. There are a few significant differences. If you have a Suunto Ambit 3 Run, you can only pair Stryd as a foot pod and use Stryd for pace and distance on the watch. You can upload your power data from Stryd with your phone post-run.
There is a known issue when running with the Suunto Ambit 3. Please see this article to better understand the issue.

To pair Stryd as a Power POD:

  1. Press and hold 'Next' button for 3-5 second

  2. Scroll down to 'Pair' and use the 'Next' button to select

  3. Scroll to 'Power POD' and use the 'Next' button to select

  4. Shake the Stryd a bit to activate it

  5. Once paired the watch will say "Reading POD parameters" and then return to your home watch face

To add Power to the run view:

  1. Connect your Suunto to your computer. Suunto Link should open automatically (install Suunto Link if needed). If not previously done so, you may need to link to Suunto app via the Suunto Link app on your computer.

  2. In Suunto Link, select the watch icon in the top right to enter Watch Settings

  3. Select Sport Modes.

  4. You can either modify an existing mode or add a new mode.

  5. You can select the layout of a display and scroll down to specify what you want to see on each row.

  6. You must have a power field as one of the metrics on your watch.

  7. Save the setting changes so that your watch updates.

  8. Scroll down to 'PODS TO SEARCH'

  9. Ensure that only Power POD is checked (OK to also have HR Belt checked if you are using a HRM chest strap)

  10. Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page

  11. Sync the new settings to your watch

PLEASE NOTE: When you are ready for your first run, the watch will search for Stryd. Once it is found the watch will ask you to calibrate Power POD, you can hit 'Later' (top right button of the watch).

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