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Why does PowerCenter show 'Moving Time' while my Polar/Suunto watch is paused?
Why does PowerCenter show 'Moving Time' while my Polar/Suunto watch is paused?
Updated over a week ago

Polar and Suunto watches handle pauses differently than other sports watches. These watches accumulate time while the watch is paused, whereas Garmin watches stop the clock entirely when paused.

So, while the watch may be paused, if you are moving during the pause then the Stryd pod will pick this movement up and report the speed. This will lead to extra time being included in the overall "moving time" after the watch and Stryd data merge in PowerCenter.

Here is what you may see in PowerCenter when pausing a Polar or Suunto watch:


While our team is investigating ways to address this in a future release, here are some recommended workarounds to prevent this additional 'moving time'.

1. If the pause is longer than 5 minutes, save the activity and start a new activity once you are ready to start running again. The Stryd pod will go into battery-saving mode after no movement is detected after about five minutes. The Stryd pod will save these are different activities and they will merge into the designated data set afterward.

2. Use the Stryd Mobile App to record the run. The Stryd Mobile app works similarly to the Garmin watches in the way that pauses are recorded. This way the pauses will accurately be accounted for during the run.

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