Power data drop at the beginning of a COROS Run

Why does my power data cut out in the first few seconds of a run with Stryd and COROS?

Updated over a week ago

If you are running with Stryd connected to your COROS watch, you may see a drop in power and pace a few seconds into every run. This pace drop may occur between 5 and 10 seconds into the run, but will only last for 1-2 seconds. Here is an example of what it may look like in PowerCenter:


When you begin the run, power, and pace will come from your COROS watch in the first few seconds. Once Stryd is activated and recording, pace, and power will come from Stryd. This dip happens when the watch switches from GPS pace and power to Stryd pace and power. It will only happen if Stryd is in sleep mode at the start of an activity. Stryd may go into sleep mode any time your cadence (steps per minute) is below 130 for more than 3 minutes.

You can avoid this lapse in data if you jog for one full minute before starting the watch recording. If you do see this lapse, the momentary drop in pace and power will not appreciably impact the accuracy of your run data.

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