Import and Execute Structured Workouts with COROS

How can I do a Power-Based workout on my COROS watch?

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Compatible COROS watches can execute Power-Based workouts with Stryd. The Stryd team does not have an official Stryd Workout app for COROS as we do with Apple and Garmin watches.

Option 1: TrainingPeaks Power-Based Workouts for COROS

TrainingPeaks lists power-based training plans created by coaches here: Training Plan Store. You can also create your own structured power-based workouts in TrainingPeaks following these instructions.

In order to execute the workouts using a COROS watch, but do all of your analysis through Stryd PowerCenter, use the following configuration:

  1. Connect your Stryd account to your COROS account to import your runs (details on this are available here: How to automatically sync activities from your COROS watch to PowerCenter)

  2. Connect your TrainingPeaks account to your Stryd account to import your training plan (details on how are available here: How do I connect my training platform to Stryd’s ecosystem?)

  3. Connect your TrainingPeaks account to your COROS account so you can execute your workouts (steps available here: TrainingPeaks+COROS)

Now you can execute a workout on the watch in real-time using Stryd power and then complete all of your workout analysis (comparing planned workout to actual completion) in the Stryd ecosystem!


Option 2: Using a Stryd Training Plan with COROS

We offer our own Stryd Training Plans which currently are available exclusively in the Stryd ecosystem. You can sign up for Stryd plans in the mobile app (for details on how: How do I add a Stryd training plan?).

  1. Manually build the Stryd planned workouts using COROS's in-app workout builder and saved to a library in their app. For details on how to use the COROS workout builder, read COROS Structured Workouts.

  2. The Stryd workout cards will already be visible in the Stryd ecosystem. Once you complete the workout, the run file will merge with the workout card. After this, you will be able to look at all your Stryd metrics and how well you followed the workout plan.


Build your own Power-Based workout in the COROS app

Converting a Stryd Workout into the COROS app can be done by following these instructions. Or if you have a workout in mind that is not available in the Stryd Workout Library, you can build it in the COROS app.

1. Open the COROS mobile app and click on the Device icon and then click on My Training


2. Click Add Workout


3. Click on Run


4. Now you can make a workout with a Warm-Up, Run, and Cool Down to match your Stryd Power-Based workout.

5. You will want to edit each of these fields to your specific time and Intensity as shown on the Stryd app.


6. Then you will need to specify your Intesity for Power


7. You will want to select Custom power ranges that correspond to your Stryd training Zone in the Stryd app.


8. Once you finish creating your entire Stryd Workout in the COROS app, you will need to click Save and then Add this workout to your COROS watch. You may need to wait for a minute for the workout to sync to your COROS watch.


Execute a Power-Based workout on the COROS Watch

1. Click on the dial of your COROS watch and scroll down to Training


2. Select the workout that you want to do


3. Wait for your watch to acquire GPS, Heart Rate, and Stryd connection

4. You see a screen like this during your workout.


You will be shown Running Power at the top with Blue,


Green, and


Red colors to help show you if you are below, on, or over the Power Targets, respectively. If you stay out of your target power for more than a few seconds, the watch will beep to notify you. The "Time Left" or time remaining will be displayed in the middle left, "Lap Distance" will be displayed in the middle right, and the number of reps and reps remaining in the segment will be displayed on the bottom. With 5 seconds remaining in the segment, the watch will beep 5 times for every second remaining.

5. After you finish each segment or interval, you will be displayed a summary screen of what you have next. The name of the segment will be on top, total time of the segment will be next, followed by the target power. On the bottom, the segment name will be repeated.


6. When the workout ends, the watch will automatically stop and you will be shown a summary screen.


Please note that the COROS watch features are not yet controlled by Stryd. So if there is an issue with any of these tips in this article, likely there is an issue with the COROS system or watch.

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