Membership Cancellations
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Monthly Renewals

Monthly renewals are not committed to a predetermined contract length may cancel at any time up to the date of their auto-renewal. If you choose to cancel your Stryd Membership, auto-renewal will cease. Stryd Membership features will remain available until the end of the billing cycle. Monthly renewals are also eligible for refund if requested within the first 14 days of the billing cycle, and Stryd Membership features will be suspended immediately.

4-Month Membership Term, and Annual Membership Term

These membership options will be paid in full and are eligible for a full refund if the request to cancel is made within 30 days of the purchase.

These membership options are only eligible for a refund once per account. A later purchase of a 4-Month membership term or Annual membership term for the same account will not receive another 30-day refund cancellation window.

Initial Membership Period

Stryd Memberships purchased under a Stryd + Pod 6-month commitment are not eligible for early termination. These memberships will continue to be billed monthly at the respective rate until the intended termination date in compliance with the terms of use signed at checkout.

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