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Does My Membership Automatically Renew?
Does My Membership Automatically Renew?
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Stryd’s Membership service will auto-renew upon the conclusion of the selected membership length. Find the details for your particular membership option below.

Monthly Renewal

Stryd Membership will be billed on the same day of each month, beginning with the date the membership initiation date (if the membership initiated on May 6th, the billing for renewal will occur on the 6th of every month, or on the closest following weekday if the 6th falls on a weekend).

4-Month and Annual Membership Terms

If your 4-Month or Annual membership term is coming to an end, your subscription will auto-renew the same selection you first made when you signed up. This means that if your 4-Month membership term is reaching the end of it's final month, then the day your membership expires you will be billed for the full amount of the 4-Month membership renewal, extending you membership for another 4 months. For more information on cancelation and return policies, you can read more here: Membership Cancellations or What is your return policy?

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