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When Is My First Stryd Membership Payment Made for the "Initial Membership" Offer?
When Is My First Stryd Membership Payment Made for the "Initial Membership" Offer?
Updated over a week ago

When a new Stryder is purchasing the Stryd Power Meter + Initial Membership package from, the first month membership payment is made at checkout in addition to the pod payment. In order to accommodate shipping times for the power meter, the next monthly payment will be made 1 month after the first run with Stryd is uploaded to the Stryd PowerCenter account. This means that if the order is placed on April 5th but the pod is not used to record and upload a run toC until April 15th, the next monthly payment will occur on May 15th. For more on our shipping timelines, see How long does it take to receive my Stryd?


Stryd orders are typically delivered in substantially less than 30 days (most orders arrive within one week). For this reason, the delayed account activation described above is only valid for 30 days. If the first run is uploaded more than 30 days after the original purchase, the second monthly payment will be applied on the one-month mark from the date of purchase, and the billing cycle will have been established by the purchase date rather than the first run upload.


If the order is processed on April 5th, then the 30-day delayed activation ends on May 5th even if the first run is not uploaded until a later date. In this scenario, the first monthly membership payment was made on April 5th and the second will occur on May 5th.

If the delivery of your device is delayed for some reason and takes more than 30 days to arrive, please Submit a Request below.

If you have additional questions, please check out our other support article at

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