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How to subscribe to the Stryd Membership on the Stryd mobile app
How to subscribe to the Stryd Membership on the Stryd mobile app
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We recommend to upgrade to the Stryd Membership on PowerCenter

PowerCenter offers longer term membership commitment options that offer savings on the Stryd Membership. See this article for instructions on how to upgrade to the Stryd membership on PowerCenter >

iOS & Android Instructions

1. Upgrade to the latest version of the Stryd mobile app


2. Open up the Stryd app and tap on the “Membership” banner (Alternatively, if this banner is not available, tap on the Library icon in the bottom navigation for another way to sign up for the Membership)


3. Tap on the “Subscribe” button to get your first 6 months of the Stryd Membership for over 60% off


4. Complete the purchase


5. Once you upgrade, you will immediately have access to all of these new features directly in the Stryd mobile app.

Troubleshooting for Android

Google Play Store caches subscriptions, so you may not see the new offer right away.

Please do the following in order to access the offer.

- Long-press on the Play Store app from the home screen on your phone

- Select the "i" icon

- Select "Storage & Cache"

- Select "Clear storage" and "Clear cache"

- Quit the Stryd app, then re-open it. The intro offer will now appear

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