How can I get two power fields and zones on my Garmin watch?
Updated over a week ago

Most newer Garmin watches can provide Stryders with two power fields. For example, you can have real-time power and lap power on the watch, in addition to having zone information.

Make sure that you follow the instructions to Add Stryd Zones to your Garmin watch.

When you use Stryd Zones Data Fields, you will see 3 metrics: 2 power fields and power zones. By default, Stryd Zones shows Average Lap Power and Real-Time Power.

If you want any other Garmin metrics, you can change the layout of the data screen on the watch, but Stryd Zones will then only show 1 power metric and power zone information.

If you want other Stryd metrics, you will want to consider using the Stryd Workout app instead. The Stryd Workout app has more options to customize the Stryd metrics you see in real-time while running.

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