How can I find the ANT ID of my Stryd using my Garmin?

What is my Stryd ANT ID?

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It can be useful to know your Stryd ANT ID if you run with a Garmin watch. If you do not add your ANT ID to your Garmin Connect settings, your Garmin watch may pick up the Stryd data from someone else's Stryd.

You can find the ANT ID using your Garmin watch. Check your paired devices on your Garmin watch. Here are the instructions:

  1. Open the Garmin watch Settings

  2. Select Sensors and Accessories

  3. Look for FP-number (write down the number). This is the only Stryd connection recommended for a Garmin watch. All other Stryd connections are not recommended for Garmin use.

If you don't see FP-number, you may need to select Add Sensor. Move your Stryd while pairing (this might take a few attempts). Your Stryd should show up as FP-number. Once you have the ANT ID, you can enter it in any of your Stryd data fields using Garmin Connect Mobile, the Connect IQ app or Garmin Express.

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