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How to edit Run Profiles on the Stryd Workout App (when paired to next gen Stryd)
How to edit Run Profiles on the Stryd Workout App (when paired to next gen Stryd)
Updated over a week ago

When using the Stryd Workout App paired to the next gen Stryd you will have 5 different run profile options to choose from: RUN, TRACK, TRAIL, TREADMILL, and INDOOR.

If the Stryd Workout App is paired to an older model Stryd (Stryd with wind detection or earlier), you will not see these run profile options within the app. Instead, you will have an Outdoor and Indoor mode which you can toggle between in the Stryd Workout App Settings.

When paired with the next gen Stryd, follow these steps to edit the various run profile settings:

1. Launch the Stryd Workout App on the watch

2. Scroll down on the main menu and select 'Settings'

3. Select 'Run Profiles'

4. Scroll down and select the run profile you want to edit

5. Here you can customize the following options for the run profile selected:

AVERAGING: Chang the power averaging to 3s, 10s, 30s, Real, Overall, or Lap average

DATA FIELDS: Customize Field 1 and Field 2 of the workout screen (shown when performing a structured workout)

TARGET ALERTS: Customize your alerts for when you are over the target power or under the target power

LAP ALERTS: Turn on/off tone and vibration alerts for lap splits

AUTO LAP: Turn on/off auto laps

ENVIRONMENTAL ADJUSTMENT: Turn on/off environmental adjustments

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