Why does the Power data field show searching?
Updated over a week ago

When the Stryd power data field is showing "searching", it means the Garmin watch is not finding your Stryd. Most of the time this message will disappear as soon as you move your Stryd. If the "searching" message persists, power will not be shown or recorded. Here are a few recommended troubleshooting steps:

1. Restart your Garmin watch, that will likely restore power on the watch.

2. Connect to your Stryd with the Stryd app on your phone and check the battery level. If you cannot connect, the battery may be depleted and needs to be recharged.

3. If you can connect with the Stryd app and the battery level is fine, perform a soft reset.

4. If a soft reset still does not resolve the problem, perform a hard reset (newer devices only). After the hard reset, you must reactive your Stryd by placing it on the charger.

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