Connect IQ! Error message in the Garmin Power Field
Updated over a week ago

If you get the IQ! symbol on your Garmin watch instead of your normal power reading, something is wrong with your Garmin watch. These are the recommended steps to troubleshoot your Garmin:

1. Restart the Garmin (depending on the watch, you may need to power it off / on).

2. Follow the Garmin instruction manual to restore factory defaults on your Garmin watch. This will remove any Connect IQ app and remove all your personal settings. Then, reinstall the Stryd Zones Connect IQ app using the Connect IQ app on your phone.

3. Do not install any other data fields other than Stryd Zones. Other Connect IQ apps and data fields may interfere with Stryd Zones

4. If you cannot restore factory defaults on your watch, uninstall all Connect IQ apps from Garmin Express, and reinstall Stryd Zones.

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