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GPS Mapping and Connection Details for the Stryd Workout App
GPS Mapping and Connection Details for the Stryd Workout App
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Stryd's Connect IQ App download known as the Stryd Workout App can be used as an alternative to the Garmin watch Run mode to complete workouts with enhanced power-based workout functionality. The app still uses GPS to produce a map of your activity at completion or for distance reporting when a Stryd pod has not been detected.

Garmin watches offer many satellite positioning network options such as GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and some watches include multi-band or dual-frequency capabilities. Stryd Workout App does not allow for selection of satellite positioning preferences. The app will use the positioning options of the last native activity mode on the watch including any multi-band settings used on the last activity. Here is what this means:

If the last time you recorded an activity you used the Garmin "Run" mode and the run mode was configured to use GPS and Galileo, then when you record your next activity with Stryd Workout App, the app will use GPS and Galileo for positioning.

If you used the native "Ski" mode the last time you recorded an activity and the positioning of the ski mode is configured to GLONASS, then the next activity you record with Stryd Workout App will use GLONASS.

The differences make only subtle differences in route reporting accuracy and should not be a top concern, especially since distance and pace data will be taken from the Stryd power meter whenever you bring it out on your run.

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