Settings Overview Of The Workout App

The Stryd Workout app for Garmin

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Data Screens

Data screens are customizable and every watch allows a minimum of the Workout Screen and two data screens (for a total of 8 metrics). Some watches have more memory and allow four data screens (for a total of 16 metrics). You can select data fields for each data screen. For example, the Stryd Workout app has a range of Power Fields, Timer Fields, Pace Fields, Distance Fields, Advanced Fields, Etc. You can select your desired metrics by selecting them from these categories.

Your Data Screens, also come with a format setting, there are two format settings, quad and split.


Workout Setting

You can customize the Workout screen. For example, you can select averaging which affects the power shown on the training screen and is used for workout alerts. Note real-time power is most responsive whereas averaging makes the power number more stable but less responsive.



Username is not case sensitive, is required to fetch workouts from your Stryd calendar to the watch. You will need to use your Stryd username which can be found on your Stryd mobile app. Select Settings >> Edit Profile >> there you will see the username you need to input.


Auto Lap

Auto Lap distance is either 1km, or 1mi depending on the units you use for Garmin (mi/km). Auto laps only work in run mode, not when executing a workout.

Unpair Stryd

The Stryd Workout app automatically pairs with your Stryd. If you get a new Stryd, you will need to unpair with your old Stryd first before you can start running with your new Stryd.


This turns on/off all tones present in this app. Examples: Lap transitions, being in or out of a target zone, Start/ Stop Tones


This turns on/off all vibrations present in this app. Examples: Lap transitions, being in or out of a target zone, Start/ Stop Vibrations.


The Stryd Workout App, operates with two mode, Indoor/ Outdoor. Indoor mode will disable the barometer on the Stryd Pod, and you can set an incline while running on the treadmill. To change the incline press select and enter configure mode (you will see an orange square appear around the incline value). Now you will be able to use the up/down arrows to change the incline, press select again to finalize the selection.


Dark Mode

Dark Mode flips black and white on your watch. With Dark Mode enabled, the background is dark whereas the text is light.

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