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Race Power Calculator: Not Enough Data
Race Power Calculator: Not Enough Data
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Stryd's Race Power Calculator uses your past 90 days of running activity to estimate your recommended target power to race at. In some conditions, you may not have enough data:

Invalid CP in this case, you have not generated a Critical Power yet. Read more on Critical Power to better understand how we determine your CP and how to keep it up-to-date.

Not Enough Data in this case, you need more runs to calculate a race prediction. Stryd needs at least five runs to do so, though more runs, with a lot of variety and with a similar course profile, will yield the most accurate results. In addition to having completed 5 runs, the Stryd platform analyzes your data on a fixed schedule. It can a few extra days after completing your 5th run before you can use the Race Power Calculator.

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