Creating Workouts For Stryd Workout App Using TrainingPeaks
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  1. Open your TrainingPeaks account on your desktop computer.


2.) Select run as the activity


3.) After the workout window has opened select Build Workout.


4.) Next, you will need to configure the workout type, a window like the following will appear.


5.) IMPORTANT: You must select ‘% Functional Threshold Power’ for the workout to be accepted by the Stryd ecosystem


6.) Now it’s time to build the workout to your liking. Start by selecting one of the pre made workout segment blocks at top of the window.


7.) After selecting one of the block you will see it appear below like the image below. There you will be able to configure the segment.

IMPORTANT: As you see below you are creating the workout based off ‘%of FTP’ the actual ranges will be calculated off of your CP . So the ranges you see below will not be the same if your FTP and CP are not the same.


8.) Segments have the ability to be ‘Flexible’, this means that the segment can only be advanced by the ‘lap button’ on your device. This comes in handy when you are not sure how long your warm up will take.


9.) Add as many block/segments as you like, when you are done, name your workout and select ‘Save and Close’


Next, you will need to do two things;

1.) You will need to Sync your Training Peaks calendar with your Stryd Calendar.

NOTE: Training Peaks only syncs one week of workouts at a time with your Stryd Calendar.

2.) You will need to fetch all workouts to your Garmin device.

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