Creating Workouts For Stryd Workout App Using Final Surge
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1.) Open your FinalSurge account on your desktop computer, and then enter beta mode.


2.) You will be brought to the main window, select the workout library icon on the right


3.) This will open up the workout library pane, at the bottom select 'Add Library Workout'


4.) Name your workout and then select the menu option on the save button.


5.) Select 'Save and Open Workout Builder'


6.) Select workout target to be power.


7.) Here you will be able to add segments and blocks to your liking. For each segment select '+ Power Target'


8.) This will open up the input boxes to allow you to set power targets.


9.) Add and configure all of your segments and then select 'SAVE'.


10.) You will be brought back to main calendar, from there drag and drop your workouts where you want.


Next, you will need to do two things;

1.) You will need to Sync your FinalSurge calendar with your Stryd Calendar.

2.) You will need to fetch all workouts to your Garmin device.

Please note that structured workouts from third-party platforms only sync to the Stryd ecosystem a week at a time.

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