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How can I convert my pace based plan to a power plan?
How can I convert my pace based plan to a power plan?
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Stryd offers free power based training plans in PowerCenter, and there are various coaches who offer their power training plans for a fee (such as Jim Vance). However, there are new Stryders that are already following a pace based training plan. If you are following a pace based plan that you like, you can convert your pace-based plan into a power-based plan with some effort.

1. From your current training plan, write down the various paces you are expected to run at.

2. On the track or a flat section of the road, run the various paces noted in step 1. For each pace, write down your power number at that pace (for example, 234 watts at 5:07 min/km).

3. When you get back home substitute pace for the power in your plan. Distance and time will remain the same.

4. Next time you do a training session, power will help you adjust your pace in hilly terrain to maintain constant effort.

5. Once you have completed your critical power test, you will get your power zones. You will be able to see in which power zones you are running.

6. Depending on your watch and app, you can set up power alerts and see your power zone.

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