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Why Do Stryd Training Plans Seem too Slow or Easy?
Why Do Stryd Training Plans Seem too Slow or Easy?
Updated over a week ago

If you are following a Stryd Training Plan and finding that the aerobic base runs and easy days are seemingly too easy (some users even report needing to walk to stay in power target), then it is a clear sign that your Critical Power is currently inaccurate and needs to be updated.

All training plan workouts are structured as % of your Critical Power, so it's essential to make sure you have a good CP to work from at the start of the training plan. If the time remaining before a planned race allows, we recommend completing the Stryd "Intro to Power" Training Plan (available free to all users) which will allot you two weeks of training that include the necessary variety to achieve an accurate Auto-Calculated Critical Power. If you cannot commit to the Intro plan, read more about the essential run types in our Critical Power article and look at your Power Duration Curve in Stryd Powercenter to understand what gaps may be causing a low CP.

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