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Post-Run Analysis
The interval analysis does not match the intervals planned. 
The interval analysis does not match the intervals planned. 
Updated over a week ago

If you pair a completed run to a planned workout in Powercenter, it is possible the splits (or laps) will not align with the workout blocks. The result looks something like this:


Note that the actual workout executed matches up with the original workout that was planned. You may have done the workout exactly as it was assigned.

This is the result of auto-lapping on the watch. The auto-lap marker in the file is used to determine the shift between segments of the workout when the run is paired with that planned workout. This can be mitigated by disabling auto-lapping features during structured workouts. Instead, you can manually split (lap button press) the watch when you intend to move into another segment of the workout, or you can utilize Stryd's software designed for executing structured power-based workouts on the Apple Watch and Garmin devices.

There currently is not a way to edit the alignment of a workout affected by mis-timed splits like this image demonstrates. This editing capability may become available in the future.

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