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Executing Power Based Workout with Wahoo and Coros using TrainingPeaks
Executing Power Based Workout with Wahoo and Coros using TrainingPeaks
Updated over a week ago

Both Coros and Wahoo have an app that allows you to create power-based workouts. You can execute those workouts on your watch. This works well, and your run data ends up in the Stryd ecosystem but you cannot see whether you stayed within your planned power range, etc.

Coros and Wahoo cannot grab Stryd workouts (which are free of charge for everyone) from the Stryd system. But they do offer integration with TrainingPeaks:

1. You can create your own power-based workouts in TrainingPeaks, buy a power-based training plan from a coach, or use free Stryd training plans available in TP: Stryd has free distance based plans for 5k, 10k, half and full marathon.

2 Coros and Wahoo can automatically pull the workout from TrainingPeaks. And so can Stryd. Your TP workout will appear in your watch app, and the Stryd system.

3. Execute the power-based workout on your Coros or Wahoo watch. The watches will guide you through your workout. After your run, your run data will load into the Stryd ecosystem if you import your watch data into the Stryd system.

4. You will now see the planned TP workout and your run data in PowerCenter and the Stryd mobile app. You can drag the workout onto the run data so that you get one complete entry. You can now see how well you adhered to your training plan for each workout segment.

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