How do I execute a workout on Apple?
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When you sign up for a training plan within the Stryd ecosystem, or connect your account to TrainingPeaks or FinalSurge through the Stryd app on your phone, your workouts will automatically transfer to the Stryd app on your Apple Watch.

To execute the workout, open up the Stryd app on your Apple Watch. Select Workout (below Run). If needed, the Apple Watch will fetch runs from the Stryd or 3rd party platform.


If not already fetched, the Stryd app will grab available workouts. If the app does not automatically load the workout, you can hit the Fetch Workouts button to do this manually.

By scrolling down you can see upcoming workouts. You can select a workout to see details as well as start the workout session.


When you are ready to start the workout, note that the recording will start once the watch locks to GPS and is able to connect to Stryd.


Once you start the workout, the app will guide you through the session. It will indicate whether you are on target, how much time is left for a segment, and how many segments are left.


If you need further assistance, contact [email protected].

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