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I ended my workout in the Stryd Workout App early, now what?
I ended my workout in the Stryd Workout App early, now what?
Updated over a week ago

The Garmin Stryd Workout App will remove workouts from the queue once they are completed. A workout is only marked as completed once it advances through all the scheduled steps.

If you end a workout early and want to mark the workout as completed, you will want to hit the lap button. The lap button will indicate that the workout step is complete and will move you to the next step. You will want to keep hitting the lap button until you reach the end of the workout. Once you reach the end, the workout will be marked as completed and be removed from the workout app. Another option is to manually delete the workout from the list of workouts in the queue. Here are the steps:

-Stryd Workout App-> Workouts-> Select the Workout-> Scroll down & select 'Delete'

If you would like to resume the workout at a later date, you will want to refrain from hitting the lap button. Instead, you will want to pause and end the run. As long as you did not reach the end of the last step, then the workout will still be available in the workout queue for later.

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