Does Stryd have any distance-based plans?
Updated over a week ago

The new Stryd training plans are time based. Time based training plans ensure that you are running at the correct intensity for a given duration and you will get the most out of your training.

As you become fitter, your threshold increases. An increase in threshold means that you will be running faster but accumulating the same amount of stress per minute of running. Over time, a 30 minute run may be at the same intensity as before, but you will cover more ground due to improvements in fitness.

Many features within the Stryd ecosystem rely on the power-duration relationship. For example, the Stryd auto-calculated Critical Power model uses a runners best power over a variety of key durations to calculate Critical Power. From Critical Power, we are able to measure the stress you have accumulated and score each run. The Running Stress Scores (RSS) help runners find their optimal training load of balancing their running stress and recovery.

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