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Building a Workout with the Stryd Workout Builder
Building a Workout with the Stryd Workout Builder
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*The features outlined in this article require Stryd's paid service access level. Learn more here*

The Stryd Workout Builder allows you to build workouts with fine control over every detail, and to either schedule to your calendar or save it to your Library. Here is how to build your own custom workouts:

  1. Create a Workout Collection

    +To Create your own Workout Collection:

    1. Select the ‘+’ in the upper righthand corner

    2. Select ‘New Collection’

    3. Name your collection and hit save

    4. Click the ‘+” icon in the upper righthand corner to access the workout builder

    You have now entered the Workout Builder

    1. Enter the title of your workout

    2. Add the workout type

    3. Add a workout description

    4. Choose the ‘+’ icon below

    5. Add your workout blocks

    6. Once a block is added, edit the block to give a duration and a power target

    7. Add more blocks to your workout by selecting the ‘+’ icon below

    8. Hit save once the workout is complete

    9. The workout is now added to your new workout collection

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