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Stryd’s new Workout Library feature puts Stryd Membership users more in control of their power-structured workouts than ever. Libraries allow you to build your own lists of your most commonly used workouts, or choose from Stryd-supplied fan favorites that are already built and available in the mobile app.

You can create new workouts using the Workout Builder and store them in a Workout Library. From there you can add workouts to your calendar with just a couple of taps. It also means you can add the same workout over and over without rebuilding it every time.

Below is an overview of what the types of collections are and what they contain. For details on building your own collection, read more here Creating, Editing, and Navigating Your Personal Workout Libraries. To learn how to add a workout from a collection to your calendar, read more here Adding a Workout from a Library to Your Calendar


The Stryd Collections list found in the new “Library” tab includes 9 categories of the most useful structured workout for training with Stryd. They are perfect for when you need to add a workout to your calendar on-the-fly, or you’re looking to perform a fitness test to boost your Critical Power.

The nine Collections available to all Stryd Membership holders are:

  • Time Based Workouts - Short time-based fartleks to longer threshold and progression runs

  • Classic Workouts - Legendary workout with a power-based twist

  • Workout of the Week - A rotating collection of workouts. Updated every Wednesday

  • Basic Workouts - Workouts to get you started running with power

  • Distance Based Workouts - Short track workouts to longer efforts geared to the marathon

  • Long Run Workouts - These efforts can be substituted on a long run day to switch things up

  • Time Trials - Test your best efforts over varying distances

  • Critical Power Calibration - Calibrate your Stryd Auto-Calculated Critical Power

  • Critical Power Test - A collection of standardized Critical Power Tests

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