Coach's View
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Stryd offers a coach view that allows certified Stryd coaches to see their athletes' data. Only certified Stryd coaches currently have the ability to invite athletes. Go to to learn more about the Stryd coach certification program.

The coach can see exactly the same data as the athlete. For the coach to see the Stryd Membership or Stryd Pioneer features, the athlete must be a Stryd member or Stryd Pioneer.

The certified Stryd coach must ask their athlete for their Stryd username. Once the athlete provides their username, the coach can send an invite from The athlete will receive an email and can approve the request in PowerCenter.


Once the invite is sent, the athlete needs to go to their PowerCenter account at to accept the invitation from the coach. The coach will receive a confirmation email.


At this time, the coach cannot share a training plan or workout. The coach cannot make any changes to the athletes' accounts.

Watch the demo of the Coach's View here >

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