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Why does my Android phone not pair with my Stryd?
Why does my Android phone not pair with my Stryd?
Updated over a week ago

If you have an Android phone that cannot pair with Stryd, you may need to enable access to location services for the phone and the Stryd app in your phone's system settings.

To enable location permission on the phone, please follow these steps:

1. On the main screen, swipe down

2. You will see a general setting screen. Now swipe down again to access more settings

3. On this page, please make sure that location is enabled.

After enabling location permissions on the phone, you will need to enable location services and storage for the Stryd App. Here are the steps on Samsung:

Settings -> Apps -> Stryd -> Permissions -> Enable Storage AND Location

If location services are not enabled, you will get the following message on your phone: "There is no Stryd nearby. Please make sure your device is placed in the outline above."

After enabling permissions, restart the Stryd app and try to pair it with your Stryd again.

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