Can I change my power zones?
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If you enable automatic Critical Power (auto-calculated Critical Power), Stryd will automatically calculate and update your Power Zones. You can see these zones in PowerCenter and in the Stryd app on your mobile device. We typically recommend leaving auto-calculated Critical Power enabled and have Stryd determine the zones for you.

However, you can switch off auto-calculated Critical Power which will allow modifying the Power Zones. You can only do this with the Stryd app on your phone (Settings > Critical Power). Once you have disabled auto-calculated CP, you can modify each of the 5 Power Zones to your liking.

When you disable auto-calculated Critical Power, our system no longer tracks changes in your fitness. You will need to do a manual CP test every 4 to 6 weeks to recalculate your CP manually, and you will need to adjust your Power Zones manually as well every time you enter the results of a manual CP test.

Open up the Stryd app on your phone, and go to Settings > Critical power. Disable Auto-Calculate. Your last auto-calculated CP calculation and zones are maintained. Hit Edit to change the zones to your liking.

Once you have updated the zones, they will transfer to your Garmin watch (if you use the Stryd Zones data field).

If you have further questions, contact Stryd at [email protected].

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