Can I use Stryd with a Tizen Samsung Watch?
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Some Samsung Galaxy watches can be used with Stryd. Please check to make sure your watch supports the Sporty Watch app. If your watch is compatible with the Watch App "Sporty Watch", you can use it to monitor your power in real-time from Stryd. If you are looking for WearOS or Tizen 4+ please read this article.

Downloading "Sporty Watch" to your Watch
- Open the "Galaxy Wear" on your mobile phone
- Select "Watch faces"
- Scroll down the page and select "more"
- Select the search bar at the top of the page
- search "Sportywatch" and select "Sportywatch" on the list
- Purchase the "Sportywatch" App

NOTE: you will need to make sure the purchase has downloaded from your phone to the watch

How to enable the "Sportywatch" on the Samsung Watch
- Long press on your watch face to select a new watch face
- select "Sportywatch"
- "Sportywatch" is now enabled

Pair and configure Stryd to the Samsung Watch
- double tap the top right of the watch face to open up "options"
- select "BT smart devices"

Note: Stryd can only support one Bluetooth connection at a time. If the device is connected to any other Bluetooth devices, you might experience difficulty creating the pairing
- select "Stryd"
- hit the "X" button to return to the options menu
- scroll to and select "views"
- select "primary data view"
- select "power"

How to start a run with Sportywatch
Look for the red and white "record button" on the bottom of the screen
- Double tap the "record button"
- select "running"

NOTE: to change screens within the app, just double tap the screen

How to end a run with Sportywatch
- double tap the red button on the bottom of the screen
- You will have the option to "save" the run at this point

How to get Stryd data into PowerCenter
- you will need to perform an offline sync: Uploading Stryd data to your phone and PowerCenter

How to Sync data to other platforms
- double tap top right of the watch (In the Sportywatch app) to view "options"
- scroll to "data"
- select "data"
- you have the option to auto sync to either Trainingpeaks, Strava or Google Drive (without having the apps on the watch)
- select your desired platform

NOTE: You will need to login to the platform using your personal credentials that correspond to the various platforms

- You will then need to open your phone, which should prompt you to sign into the app that pertains to the training platform you are wanting to upload your Sportywatch/Stryd data to.

Please Note: SportyWatch does not record Stryd's advanced metrics in the activity file. In order to analyze your Stryd data after the run, you will need to perform an offline sync.

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