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Importing Sigma Sport data into the Stryd platform
Importing Sigma Sport data into the Stryd platform
Updated over a week ago

Currently, there is no way to automatically import Sigma Sport FIT files into the Stryd platform. However, you can export the FIT file from Sigma and import it into the Stryd ecosystem.

  1. You can only export Sigma Sport data from SIGMA DATA CENTER on your computer.

  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, select Activities. Then, select the run you wish to export.

  3. Select Menu (top right) > Data Export. The File Format must be FIT.

  4. Once you have the FIT file saved to your computer, use PowerCenter to import the Sigma data.

  5. Sigma Sport only records Stryd power and not the advanced Stryd metrics. However, those data are still stored on your Stryd and you can use the Stryd app on your phone to upload the Stryd data. The Stryd servers will attempt to merge the data into one data set.

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