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Why is my Apple Watch losing connection with Stryd?
Why is my Apple Watch losing connection with Stryd?
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Some users report issues with connectivity between Stryd and their Apple Watch. Once the watch disconnects from the foot pod, it requires the user to look at the screen in order to reconnect (Apple’s requirement). Some tips:

  1. If you run with your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time, disable Bluetooth on the phone. If not, the watch may lose connection to Stryd. This is a problem with the Apple iOS. If you must leave Bluetooth enabled on your phone, there are two workarounds:

    • Use iSmoothRun instead of the Stryd app. iSmoothRun has a special mode for running with the iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously.

    • Use a Lighting to Bluetooth adaptor so that you can disable Bluetooth on your iPhone but still use your wireless headset.

  2. Swap your Stryd to the opposite foot. Many runners report improved performance.

  3. Run with your watch in Airplane mode, with Bluetooth enabled (under settings in the watch, first switch to Airplane mode, then enable Bluetooth).

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