How do I setup iSmoothRun with Stryd?
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Some Stryders like iSmoothRun to record their run with their Apple watch. iSmoothRun is a great option for those runners with Stryd that want to run with their iPhone and Apple watch at the same time, and use the iPhone to listen to music with Bluetooth headphones (there is a problem with iOS that causes a problem) when running with iPhone + AW + Bluetooth enabled on your phone).

To setup iSmoothRun correctly to take pace and distance from Stryd, follow the following steps:

1. Select Settings. Search for Training Gear, and select Sensors

2. Select BT Smart Sensors

3. iSmoothRun will scan available Bluetooth devices. Select your Stryd.

4. Leave the calibration factor set to 1.000 (unless you have a measured track to calibrate your Stryd, and know what factor to program). Enable "Distance from Stride".


5. Exit the menu.

6. When you start iSmoothRun on your Apple watch, you will have various options. Select "Watch+iPhone". That mode is specially designed to allow you to run with the iPhone and Apple watch at the same time (GPS data will come from the phone, but pace and distance will be from Stryd).

7. If you find that iSmoothRun is grabbing pace and distance from GPS rather than Stryd, make sure to either switch off your GPS or select Treadmill activity.

If you have additional questions, contact [email protected].

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